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The Center for US-Latin America Initiatives (CUSLAI) has become a gateway to Latin America since 1995, enhancing academic relationships between students and faculty and their Latin American counterparts with an interdisciplinary approach to international education, research, and public service. The Center is focused on producing engaged students, while preparing them for life and leadership in a constantly changing world, providing the necessary support and funding for scholars conducting groundbreaking research and expanding scholarship of this evolving intellectual space.

Our faculty associates conduct research and offer courses to support undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a wide array of fields such as Latin American Studies, International Political Economy, Literature, Global Business, Political Sciences, and Public Policy.

CUSLAI understands that extensive research performed by its esteemed students and faculty can only be conducted when basic needs are met in the form of transportation, networking, and access. When successful research has been garnered, it may then result in presentation, discussion, publication, and scholarship. By providing opportunities through research and seeking to expand its own research through interdisciplinary and collaborative endeavors, we believe that education is constantly in motion.

Under the leadership of the Center’s Director, Dr. Monica Rankin, we have been devoting our expertise during the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate remote expansion of the Center’s reach, keeping the gateway to Latin America open and secure. The CUSLAI Community Digital Archive Project is a necessary endeavor to document the history of our community’s experience and diversity.

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