Interim Dean's Statement

Welcome to the School of Arts and Humanities!

Here you acquire and develop the abilities to observe and analyze, to imagine and create, and to communicate and engage. The School of Arts and Humanities — the second oldest school at UT Dallas — is home to our renowned and dedicated faculty. We offer programs in History, English, Creative Writing, Philosophy as well as Visual and Performing Arts and pride ourselves on a number of dedicated centers of research, education and public engagement. We welcome all minors and majors, undergraduate and graduate students who want to explore, create and engage with us.

Arts and humanities have never been more exciting as we explore new ways of knowing and expressing. The arts and humanities connect us with our individual and collective pasts, presents, and futures. They invite us to imagine ourselves and our communities in new ways and to critically engage the foundational ideas of our societies.

Our faculty is known not only for their award-winning research, writing, and artistic achievements, but also for their commitment to teaching. We want to help you prepare for a globally interconnected and ever-evolving world. In our classes, you will hone the most critical skills for constantly changing work environments looking for critical and creative thinkers, who can solve the problems of our time. Our graduates are dynamic individuals who strive to make a difference in the world.

Meet a few of our graduates and students here.

I hope you decide to join our community.

Nils Roemer
Interim Dean, School of Arts and Humanities

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