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Rising Stars

Bryce Jordan Scholarships Free 12 Students to Pursue Individual Passions

Anne Melville shooting photography.
Anne Melville will use her Bryce Scholarship to pursue her interest in photography.

Video, photography, music and writing are among the interests that 12 UT Dallas art and performance students will be pursuing as recipients of this year's Bryce Jordan Scholarship Fund for the Arts disbursements.

The students have each been awarded $1,000 to $2,000 to further their academic careers at the University.

This year's recipients and their disciplines are:

  • Eli Aalderink, Richard Green, Erin Nelson and Leslie Pocklington (music).
  • Megan Bishop, Joseph Florer and Anne Melville (art and performance).
  • Octaviano Bazan, Ciro Faienza and Dana Leija (art and performance/arts and technology).
  • Beatriz Cartagena (art and performance/creative writing).
  • Alyssa Lee (arts and technology/visual arts).
Beatriz Cartagena, a 2D artist.
Beatriz Cartagena plans to take art classes.

“This award means that I can take art classes this year instead of putting it on the back burner, which means I can hone my skills,” said Beatriz Cartagena, who creates 2D art in various media and writes in her spare time. “I am going to start my own business with a couple of my friends who are talented, and art is going to be a major part of it. Advertising is our goal but it is open to change, always staying in the artistic realm.”

The Bryce and Jonelle Jordan Scholarship Fund was established in 1981 to support undergraduate music students at the UT Dallas. Bryce Jordan, flutist and musicologist, was the first president of the University. It has since been extended, with Dr. Jordan's approval, to provide financial support for undergraduate students in any of the creative and performing arts, which include music, theatre, dance, creative writing, the visual arts and arts and technology. Scholarships are awarded through an application process that includes a work sample and an essay.

“As an arts administrator, over-seeing the Bryce Jordan Scholarship is one of my most important - and enjoyable - tasks,” said Kathryn Evans, associate dean for art and performance. “Having the opportunity to help these talented young people pursue their dreams and career goals in the arts is a delight. I watch them perform and create such wonderful works throughout the year, and observing them develop their skills and talents is a joy.”

Anne Melville, an art and performance major, is planning to teach elementary art while she continues to pursue photography, painting and video on the side.

“I originally started as an illustrator/painter when I was a teenager,” she said. “When I was first in college 13 years ago, I fell in love with photography, especially alternative processes, and have worked in photography to some degree since. Since studying the arts at UT Dallas I have grown to love video as well. Outside of my studies, I also dance with a small professional company.”