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A & H People: Two A&H Professors Appointed to New Posts

Drs. R. Clay Reynolds and Charles Hatfield were recently named to new positions within the School of Arts and Humanities.

Dr. Clay Reynolds

Dr. Clay Reynolds has been named as the Director of Creative Writing. A prolific writer and creative writing teacher for more than 25 years, his immediate goals for creative writing include bringing a stronger definition to the writing area of arts and humanities and to work to increase interest and enrollment in creative writing courses. He also wants to enhance its value to the school as part of an overall center for creative thinking initiative and to raise the profile of such coursework on both a regional and national level.

“I will have the opportunity to coordinate and plan our course offerings in a logical and sensible way.  My hope is that planning will make for increased enrollments and a wider diversity of courses,” said Reynolds. “I hope that the faculty can continue to operate under the philosophy that the main value of creative writing is not to produce creative writers; rather it is to provide an opportunity for students to learn to apply creative technique to all written composition, and, ultimately, to become more careful and critical readers.”

Dr. Charles Hatfield

Dr. Charles Hatfield has been named the assistant director of the Center for Translation Studies.  He plans to work with Dr. Rainer Schulte to promote the visibility of the center through a reading and lecture series.

“I have been interested in translation since I was in college, so it is exciting for me to take on this role with the center,” said Hatfield. “We are planning to establish productive international ties especially with universities in Latin America and Asia.”

Both expect to focus on strengthening their publications: Sojourn and the Translation Review, respectively.

Sojourn is the Arts and Humanities publication that blends the literary and fine arts genres. It will be undergoing some dynamic changes designed to enhance its quality and breadth over the next few semesters.

Translation Review is the publication of the Center for Translation Studies that publishes literary translations and scholarly articles on the history and theory of translation.