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Giving Notes

Back the Arts!Gov. Rick Perry signs bill

We hope you have been able to take advantage of the many outstanding performing arts and lecture opportunities held at UT Dallas this season.  While waiting for the show to begin, you may have noticed a brass plaque with an inscription on the seat in front of you.

For a gift of $500, a plaque honoring friends or family members, students, businesses, a graduation or a special occasion is permanently affixed to the back of a seat in Jonsson Performance Hall through the Back the Arts program.

Jonsson Performance Hall is the site of hundreds of performances by students and noteworthy artists from across the globe.  You can set the stage for an enduring performing arts program at The University of Texas at Dallas by backing the arts as you pay tribute to the inspirations in your life by naming them on a lasting plaque.

For more information on this special legacy opportunity, please contact Mary Brouillette at 972 883-6503 or [email protected]