Confucius Salon: Forum on Chinese Culture: Bel Canto (Italian Singing) in China

Saturday, March 4, 2017, 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Erik Jonsson Academic Center (JO)
Season: 2016-2017

Speaker: Yixuan Han Abstract: Bel Canto, an Italian word for "beautiful singing" or "beautiful song," is a term for Italian ways of singing in the West and for Western ways of singing in China. Yixuan Han, a lyric soprano who was educated in bel canto both in China and the US, will give a lecture and demonstration on how the Western ways of singing was introduced, received, and developed in Chinese musical institutions in modern times. Ms. Han used to be an associate professor of music in Langzhou, China, came to the US for graduate studies in singing, performed as soprano in various operas including as Queen of the Night in Mozart’s The Magic Flute and Anna Don Giovanni in the US, and received numerous national and international awards. After a review of the history of bel canto in China, she will choose several Chinese songs adapted from Chinese poetry, ancient melodies, and Peking Opera, and sing them using the methods of Bel Canto. Food and Tea Are Served for All Sessions. All Are Welcome!
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