Confucius Salon: Forum on Chinese Culture: The Silk Road in the Global Age

Saturday, April 29, 2017, 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Erik Jonsson Academic Center (JO)
Season: 2016-2017

Speaker: Dai Wenjing, Visiting Scholar, Jiangsu University, China Abstract: The ancient Silk Road was a trade route connecting China and Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe in ancient times. In the 21st century, the ancient Silk Road has taken on a new life and new form in the global age. It is now called "The Belt and Road,” an Economic Development Belt which covers the ancient Silk Road on land and the Maritime Silk Road. This lecture focuses on the cultural origin of the ancient Silk Road from the historical and cultural dimensions in relation to the modern “The Belt and Road,” covering "the travels of Marco Polo," early history of the Silk Road, European fascination with silk, the nature of the Silk Road, its prosperous years, its reasons for decline, and the present-day revival in the world-wide context of globalization. Food and Tea Are Served for All Sessions. All Are Welcome!
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