The Beautiful yet Hidden Melody and Harmony in Islam

Friday, December 6, 2019, 8:00 p.m.
Venue: Erik Jonsson Academic Center (JO)
Season: 2019-2020

In conjunction with The Karbala Thought Leadership... Melody and Harmony in Islam is perpetually recreated by the eternal utterance: is perceived and articulated in perpetual flow of interlaced beauty. This vast beauty prevails extensively but quietly within the fabric of the faith and its cultures. The melodious recitation of the Quran to the music of saints are well known but not prominent in the West. The performance will highlight this harmony, its depth and impact of various thoughts and ideals of beauty. Ishrat Allah Ditta: Son of great progeny of acclaimed and accomplished musician family. His father Ustad Allah Ditta Khan was a great Tabla maestro of his time, Ishrat Started his career as a professional Guitarist in 1979, alongside his brothers who are well known musicians and composers of Pakistan. He has a broad career and is active member of performing arts. He has a long list of performances as a music composer/arranger, stage plays writer, director and actor. He is also a recording engineer. Best of all he has a creative and rare style of playing Indian musical ragas on Guitar inspired by Sitar playing. Shoaib Khan Shoaib's career has spanned Pakistan Radio and TV. His deep voice along with melody does not need any musical support. It will be fair to say that he can mesmerize people in attendance. He started training his voice from his school days. He is an ever learning performer who has mastered the art of "Hamd" and "Naat". The quality of these art forms stem from the use of only voice attributes and control within the vocal cords. Shahzad Daar Shahzad grew up with a passion in music. His musical career started in high school while growing up in Kuwait. His passion continued to grow as he joined college band. From there he started his professional career as member of "Jupiters" band from Lahore, Pakistan. His tremendous success launched his solo career in 2002. He has produced numerous musical albums and videos. He has and continues to tour Europe, UK and the Middle East. He has recently launched his musical career in USA.
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