Gimme Shelter

Colors at Home – Orange by Minchae Cho

Friday, May 22, 2020 – Wednesday, June 24, 2020,
Venue: Online
Admission: Free
Season: 2019-2020

50 years ago (the birth year of UT Dallas), "Gimme Shelter" was recorded by the Rolling Stones (Dec 1969). It is considered one of their greatest hits and that of "Rock and Roll", both by music critics and fans. "Oh, a storm is threat’ning, My very life today, If I don’t get some shelter, Oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away"

On this 50th anniversary of what Mick Jagger recalls as "a very moody piece about the world closing in on you a bit,... recorded in a time of war and tension and often used to evoke natural disaster", it seems an almost prophetic if not ironic reflection as we endure today's "storm" tagged "COVID 19"—and consequently on UT Dallas' 50th anniversary. So respectively we ask "what are the students of our Visual Performing Arts Studio Program producing in this precarious, pandemic time? How are they re-negotiating their identities relevant to the extended isolation and loss of classroom community?" As you will experience in this diverse exhibition—there is a myriad of personal expressions that defy a common unified chorus in favor of very individual responses falling under the dictates of this new "shelter in place" mandate. Here, Graduate and Undergraduate works are combined to inform this narrative.

In an effort to ensure the safety of our students, staff, faculty and our patrons in the wake of COVID-19, we have temporarily suspended our live SP/N Gallery exhibitions that we may offer this show as a "virtual online tour" presentation of our "select" student artworks from the 2019-20 season. We thank you for your continuing support of the Arts and we welcome you to check out this highlighted, socially distant, but revealing viewing!

View the virtual tour online on Artsteps. We recommend doing so on a computer with Firefox or Chrome browser.

For more information contact:
Arts and Performance Office
[email protected]