Symposium on Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology

Friday, June 26, 2020, 12:00 p.m.
Venue: Online
Admission: Free
Season: 2019-2020

The Center for Values in Medicine, Science and Technology's Symposium will take place over Microsoft Teams. The event is open to the public and registration is not required!

Invited speakers:

Elyse Purcell (SUNY-Oneonta): "On Beneficence and Potential Harm: Disability and Genetic Enhancement."

Elyse Purcell is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at SUNY-Oneonta and is the Secretary-Treasurer for the American Philosophical Association Central Division. She has published numerous articles in ethics, bioethics, and social and political philosophy. Always an interdisciplinary thinker, she aims to bring the insights from fields such as disability studies into contemporary philosophical discussions and debates.

Justin Biddle (Georgia Tech): "Predicting Recidivism: Value Judgments, Trade-offs, and Power Dynamics in Machine Learning"

Justin B. Biddle is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is the director of the Philosophy Program at Georgia Tech and a Faculty Affiliate in the Center for Machine Learning and the Center for Ethics and Technology. His research interests are interdisciplinary in nature, drawing on fields such as philosophy of science, technology, and medicine; ethics of emerging technologies, and science and technology policy. His current work focuses on the ethics of artificial intelligence and the role of value judgments in the design and development of computing technologies.

Dan Hicks (UC Merced): "When Virtues are Vices: ‘Anti-Science’ Epistemic Values in Environmental Politics."

Dan Hicks (they/them) is a philosopher of science and Assistant Professor of Cognitive and Information Sciences at the University of California, Merced. Their primary academic research focuses on the role of ethical and political values in science and public scientific controversies, especially environmental controversies.

Mark Tschaepe (PVAMU): "Human/GAN Coupling: A Cyborg Perspective for Distributed Morality"

Mark Tschaepe is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Program Coordinator of General Studies at Prairie View A&M University. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine. His research includes issues concerning inquiry, pragmatism, and microaggressions, among other subjects. Currently, he is working on a project pertaining to problems of organizational paternalism in cybersecurity.


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