The Future of the Arts & Humanities in Times of Crisis: Doubt Versus Certainty - The Arts and Humanities in Times of Crisis

Friday, February 26, 2021, 2:00 p.m.
Venue: Online
Admission: Free
Season: 2020-2021

Featuring John Biguenet, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, Loyola University New Orleans.

Doubt Versus Certainty: The Future of the Arts and Humanities in Times of Crisis

Seeking the origins of the teaching of the arts and humanities in early Greek culture, “Doubt Versus Certainty” examines the contradiction latent in the dual—and perhaps dueling—Latin etymologies of the English word education. That conflict is explored in the personal reflections of modern writers about their responsibility in times of crisis and the limits they face in responding to such moments. With first Hurricane Katrina and then with last week’s winter catastrophe in Texas as examples, the lecture proposes that, both during crises and more explicitly in their aftermath, the arts and humanities mediate between tradition and innovation, memory and imagination.

John Biguenet has published ten books and had six plays widely produced; his books and plays have been translated into a dozen languages. The winner of an O. Henry Award for short fiction and past president of the American Literary Translators Association, he lives in New Orleans. More info at

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