University Theatre

The University Theatre is a 275 seat, raked auditorium with a stage area that is approximately 40 feet wide and 40 feet deep. Although there is no fly space, flexible walls provide adequate wing space for conventional style theatrical performances. In addition, a series of different height risers and 50 chairs allow the space to be transformed into other spatial arrangements for experimentation and performance of nontraditional pieces.

Backstage production support facilities include dressing rooms with makeup stations and lavatories, and a lighting/sound control booth. Front of house areas include the box office, lobby gallery; and restroom facilities.

Access to this space is generally through the backstage door located in the hall by the Jonsson Rehearsal hall (JO 1.216). Actors and technicians should use either the backstage door (interior) entrance or the exterior stage door located by the shop. The lobby and side doors of the Theatre are for use by an audience only.

Users must observe all safety rules posted on the callboard by the backstage door and in the shop. Users are responsible for leaving the space in a condition that is as good or better than they found it.

UT Dallas Organizations may reserve this space at no cost through the School of Arts & Humanities.

If you would like to rent this theatre, please visit our rental policy page.

seating chart for the University Theatre