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We want to keep our community entertained and educated with the fantastic events we have been able to offer virtually. Below, you'll be able to watch our events from wherever you are, using any internet-connected device. These performances, exhibitions and lectures can expand your knowledge while connecting you to your fellow students, faculty, alumni and the School of Arts and Humanities as a whole.

The spread of COVID-19 must be prevented, but with technology and the hard work of our staff, faculty, and students, we will continue to virtualize the events we can. Please see our events page for the most comprehensive list of our future events.

Below you will find our virtual events, continuously updated, in reverse chronological order with the most recent event at the top.

Thank you for your interest, and please stay healthy and safe everyone.

Gimme Shelter

50 years ago (the birth year of UT Dallas), "Gimme Shelter" was recorded by the Rolling Stones (Dec 1969). It is considered one of their greatest hits and that of "Rock and Roll", both by music critics and fans. "Oh, a storm is threat’ning, My very life today, If I don’t get some shelter, Oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away"

On this 50th anniversary of what Mick Jagger recalls as "a very moody piece about the world closing in on you a bit,... recorded in a time of war and tension and often used to evoke natural disaster", it seems an almost prophetic if not ironic reflection as we endure today's "storm" tagged "COVID 19"—and consequently on UT Dallas' 50th anniversary. So respectively we ask "what are the students of our Visual Performing Arts Studio Program producing in this precarious, pandemic time? How are they re-negotiating their identities relevant to the extended isolation and loss of classroom community?" As you will experience in this diverse exhibition—there is a myriad of personal expressions that defy a common unified chorus in favor of very individual responses falling under the dictates of this new "shelter in place" mandate. Here, Graduate and Undergraduate works are combined to inform this narrative.

In an effort to ensure the safety of our students, staff, faculty and our patrons in the wake of COVID-19, we have temporarily suspended our live SP/N Gallery exhibitions that we may offer this show as a "virtual online tour" presentation of our "select" student artworks from the 2019-20 season. We thank you for your continuing support of the Arts and we welcome you to check out this highlighted, socially distant, but revealing viewing!

View the virtual tour online on Artsteps. We recommend doing so on a computer with Firefox or Chrome browser.

Gimme Shelter

Minchae Cho, Colors at Home - Orange, Digital Image

Gimme Shelter

Beginning May 22

Congratulations Graduates, Spring 2020

Congratulations Graduates Spring 2020

We'd like to congratulate our graduates for their achievements during this extraordinary time by sharing photos of a sample of our graduates this semester from the School of Arts and Humanities on our Facebook page.

Texas Visual Arts Association High School Art Competition (TVAA)

Due to the spread of COVID-19, this exhibition was cancelled early.

However, Cynthia Miró (an MFA alum) filmed this mesmerizing 13 minute tour of the artwork on display:


Additionally, Professor Greg Metz and Brian Scott produced this 5 minute tour on Glasstire narrated by Greg Metz.


A survey of amazing young talent here in Texas. The competition was open to all high school students in the state. Traditionally, around 150 pieces were selected from more than 1,000 submissions. The exhibition shows the vast range of young talent in Texas, in all imaginable media.


Art exhibition video tours

Musica Nova: Bach! Beethoven! Bartok!

Watch the performance on YouTube or Facebook.

Bach:  Concerto No. 6 in F for two flutes, keyboard and strings, BWV 1057
Heather Hansen & Louis Lu, flutes; Mikhail Berestnev, piano

Bartók:  Rumanian Folk Dances and Allegro Barbaro
Heather Hansen, flute & piccolo

Beethoven:  Piano Concerto No. 1 in C, Op. 15
Mikhail Berestnev, piano

Students from the University’s Advanced Orchestra and Chamber Music Ensemble perform with UT Dallas faculty and other professional musicians under the direction of composer-conductor Robert Xavier Rodríguez.

The players are performing chamber-style, without a conductor.

Musica Nova: Bach! Beethoven! Bartok!

Musica Nova
Classical music performance video

Spring Festival

The Student Arts Festival has traditionally featured the work of over 600 students from more than 40 courses. The festival has offered audiences the opportunity to roam across campus, taking in art exhibitions and classical, jazz, theatre, dance, guitar, piano and vocal performances.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be presenting some portions of the festival virtually, while others will be cancelled.

Creative Writing:

"Surrounding My Dog" by Shannon Schaffer - The story of a dog and his companion as they navigate the dangers of a sidewalk destroyed from road work.

"Morning Love" by Jane Saginaw - A poem.

Visual Art:

Where Everything Gathers by Aaron Roe - Senior Honors Thesis Exhibition. View full details.

Gimme Shelter - some of our best undergraduate and graduate students’ works from Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 in a virtually presented online exhibition beginning May 22nd. View full details.


Jazz Piano recital by Luke Coffman - Luke performs "Forest Flower" by Charles Lloyd, "Stella by Starlight" by Victor Young/Ted Washington, "Someday My Prince Will Come" by Frank Churchill/Larry Morell, "Solar" by Miles Davis, "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)" by Antonio Carlos Jobim, "Moment's Notice" by John Coltrane, and "Here's That Rainy Day" Jimmy Van Heusen/Johnny Burke. View full details.

Cello recital by Jonathan Moore - Jonathan performs Joseph Abaco's "11 Caprices for Cello, Caprice No. 1"

Flute recital by Merry Wang - Merry performs Johann Sebastian Bach's "Partita for Solo Flute in A Minor, BWV 1013 (Movement IV: Bourrée Anglaise)"

Flute recital by Zia Kim - Zia performs an excerpt from Cécile Chaminade's "Fluter Concertino, op. 107"

Musica Nova: Bach! Beethoven! Bartok! on YouTube and Facebook. We are streaming our previous December 7, 2019 concert in place of the cancelled spring concert. View full details.

Student Arts Festivals

Beginning May 4

Jazz Piano recital by Luke Coffman

Luke Coffman's jazz piano recital from Spring 2020, a student of Kelly Durbin.

YouTube video

Facebook video

Performance list:
Forest Flower: Charles Lloyd
Stella by Starlight: Victor Young/Ted Washington
Someday My Prince Will Come: Frank Churchill/Larry Morell
Solar: Miles Davis
Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado): Antonio Carlos Jobim
Moment's Notice: John Coltrane
Here's That Rainy Day: Jimmy Van Heusen/Johnny Burke

Luke Coffman

May 4 - May 16
Jazz piano recital video

Aaron Roe: Where Everything Gathers

Senior Honors Thesis Exhibition: Where Everything Gathers by Aaron Roe

View the exhibition online.

In the mind of the owner, an object may hold a residual presence of the person, place, or event for which it is significant. Objects may linger because of their perceived usefulness or rarity. As a collage artist and family history enthusiast, Aaron Roe has amassed a collection of items he examines through photography. These objects have found their way to him through family members who know his interest in ancestry, antiques, and collage work. Some items find a way into artworks, and others form the clutter of sentimental debris and things that may one day be useful.

Aaron Roe: Where Everything Gathers

May 1 - May 16
Art Exhibition website

Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The tragic play by Goethe tells the story of Dr. Faust who sells his soul for knowledge. This performance is based on a new translation by Drs. Fred Turner and Zsuzsanna Ozsváth.

Directed by Raphael Parry

The Faust "radio play" is available between April 26 and May 9. After May 9, only the non-audio version of the production will be available for viewing. Listening will be limited to registrants, listenership is limited and expires after May 9. Registering will grant registrants access to a website on which they can listen to the radio play and view the dramaturgical materials, which will include historical images, prints, and interviews with the design team.

Free passes are available until May 9 or until the show has sold out, whichever comes first. Visit faust.utdallas.edu to view. After May 9, only the non-audio version the production will be available for viewing.

Warning: Faust contains adult content and language.


Dramaturgical website

Comer Collection: Greatest Hits

Diane Durant, director of the Comer Collection, shares some of the greatest hits from the Comer Collection as well as some general background information about how the collection came to be in this narrated video.

Comer Collection Greatest Hits

Comer Collection video

Light Waves - Narrated Video Tour

Enjoy the art gallery in a lovely, new, narrated video format.

Light Waves

Art exhibition video tour

Light Waves - Artist Talk: Alan Govenar

A live-streamed artist talk with Alan Govenar was held on WebEx on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, at 1:30 p.m. Below, you can watch the recorded artist talk on YouTube.

Alan Govenar

Alan Govenar, Stewpot Series #1, Unidentified woman helps feed the homeless, Canton Street, Dallas, Texas, October 21, 2014.

Alan Govenar, Stewpot Series #1, Unidentified woman helps feed the homeless, Canton Street, Dallas, Texas, October 21, 2014.

Light Waves - Artist Talk: Giraud Polite, Cynthia Miller

Live-streamed artist talks with Giraud Polite and Cynthia Miller were held on WebEx on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, at 5:30 p.m. Below, you can watch the recorded artist talks on YouTube.

Giraud Polite

Cynthia Miller

Giraud Polite, DC3 Plane, Iceland, 16x20, digital photography printed on paper, 2015.

Giraud Polite, DC3 Plane, Iceland, 16"x20", digital photography printed on paper, 2015.

Light Waves - Artist Talk: Lupita Murillo Tinnen, David Witherspoon, Diane Durant

Live-streamed artist talks with Lupita Murillo Tinnen, David Witherspoon, and Diane Durant were held on WebEx on Monday, March 30, 2020, at 7:30 p.m. Below, you can watch the recorded artist talks on YouTube.

Lupita Murillo Tinnen

David Witherspoon

Diane Durant

Lupita Murillo Tinnen, Aqui, 11x14 inches, digital inkjet print, 2019

Lupita Murillo Tinnen, Aqui, 11x14 inches, digital inkjet print, 2019

Light Waves - A Photography and Video Based UT Dallas Alumni Exhibition

Light Waves features the work of graduate student alumni from the University of Texas at Dallas in a survey exhibition to celebrate the university’s fiftieth anniversary. These artists employ light as one of their creative materials, and continue to influence dialogues in the field through exhibitions, publications and education. The exhibition is curated by Professor Marilyn Waligore, Director of the Photography program in the School of Arts and Humanities, who has created an online gallery to view the works of art.

Among those chosen to represent Visual Arts graduate alumni in photography, and related areas such as video and design, are: Mona Kasra, David Witherspoon, Reynaldo Thompson, Giraud Polite, Christi Nielsen, Tim Kolczak, Lupita Murillo Tinnen, Lillian Love Kennedy, Emily Loving, Cynthia Miller, Lilly Albritton, Sheila Cunningham, Eric Baze, Alan Govenar, and Diane Durant.

View the Original Event Listing

Tim Kolczak, CPL Josue Barron (USMC, OEF Veteran), 2018, White Gloss Metal, 24 x 36 inches

Tim Kolczak, CPL Josue Barron (USMC, OEF Veteran), 2018, White Gloss Metal, 24 x 36 inches

Piano Recital: Mikhail Berestnev

Mikhail Berestnev performed works by Franck, Ravel, Rodríguez, Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff on Saturday, March 28, 2020, at 8:00 p.m.

The performance was recorded and can be watched in the best quality on Facebook. However, if you are unable to watch the Facebook version, please try watching on YouTube. Note: due to copyright claims, portions of the videos were removed or muted automatically by Facebook and YouTube. We suggest watching the Facebook video, as it had fewer claims.

View the Original Event Listing

Piano Recital: Mikhail Berestnev - Works by Franck, Ravel, Rodriguez and Prokofiev

Piano Recital: Mikhail Berestnev

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