Computer Assistance Request Form

The Computer Assistance Request Forms are to be used by A&H faculty and staff only. (Other UT Dallas faculty and staff members needing computer help should contact the UT Dallas Technology Customer Service at ext. 2911 or visit their website.)

All issues must be first addressed by utilizing a form to inform your Arts & Humanities Computer Technician (Carlos Palomino) that you need assistance. To choose the correct form to fill-out, you need to determine the importance of your computer assistance request:

Normal Priority problems impact the way you work, but do not prevent you from working.

A Normal Priority problem is any problem that causes you inconvenience, but you can work around it. An example could be that your printer isn't working, but you can print to another printer, or that you are having problems receiving email on your machine, but can access your email through

High Priority problems directly impact your ability to do work at all.

An example of a High Priority problem could be that your video card or monitor aren't working (you cannot see anything on the screen) or that your machine has no network access. In addition to these type of problems, all Virus Infections are High Priority problems.

Note: Any issue that directly impacts the ability for multiple employees to work is a High Priority problem.

If you should have an emergency that needs to be resolved immediately (i.e. an issue that affects more than one person or an entire division of A&H), you can call your A&H Computer Technician, Carlos Palomino, directly at 972-883-2833, or UT Dallas Technology Customer Service at ext. 2911 or visit their website.

If you have any questions, please email Carlos Palomino.