5th Annual Texas Guitar Competition and Festival

Congratulations to the 5th Annual Guitar Competition Winners

1st Place
Marco Sartor has performed at concerts and festivals in the U.S., Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Uruguay. This former student of Eduardo Fernandez was a finalist at the Guitar Foundation of America International Competition in 2001, 2002 and 2003. He won first prize in the 2002 Schadt String Competition, the 2003 MTNA Competition and last year's the Appalachian Guitarfest Competition.

2nd Place
Aleksandr Tsiboulski is a Fullbright Scholar from the University of Adelaide currently studying with Adam Holzman at the University of Texas. Holzman calls him "one of the finest talents I have had the privilege of working with" and "an extremely bright young man filled with great promise as a musician." Tsiboulski has performed in Australia, Canada, Mexico, England, and New Zealand. He won 1st prize in the Australian Guitar Competition in 2000, the Sydney Guitar Competition in 2001, and the Gisborne Instrumental Music Competition in 2003.

3rd Place
Thibault Cauvin has performed at numerous festivals, has played on radio stations around the world and recently released a CD, Thibault Cauvin GuĂ­tare. He continues to study classical guitar, a pursuit he began at the age of six. Olivier Chassain, Cauvin's instructor, says he is impressed by the young man's "flawless technique," "beautiful musical expression" and "overflowing energy." In 2003 and 2004, Cauvin won more than 10 first prize awards in international competitions.

In The News

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