6th Annual Texas Guitar Competition and Festival

Congratulations to the 6th Annual Guitar Competition Winners

1st Place
Aleksandr Tsiboulski: is a Fullbright Scholar from the University of Adelaide currently studying with Adam Holzman at the University of Texas. Holzman calls him "one of the finest talents I have had the privilege of working with" and "an extremely bright young man filled with great promise as a musician." Tsiboulski has performed in Australia, Canada, Mexico, England, and New Zealand. He won 1st prize in the Australian Guitar Competition in 2000, the Sydney Guitar Competition in 2001, and the Gisborne Instrumental Music Competition in 2003.

2nd Place
Silviu Ciulei: a junior at Middle Tennessee State University, won second prize at the Appalachian Guitar Competition in Boone, North Carolina approximately one month before the competition at UT Dallas. He has performed with The Black Sea Philharmonic, a Romanian orchestra. Ciulei has appeared on Romania's national television and performed throughout Europe and the United States. In 2006, he earned first prize in the Beethoven Club Guitar Competition in Memphis. Dr. William Yelverton, Ciulei's instructor, calls him "a remarkable genius, a true prodigy...certainly the best for his age"

3rd Place
Jonathan Dotson: has been featured on Jacksonville's public radio and television. Now a student at the University of Texas, he has studied under Mary Akerman, Adam Holzman, Bruce Holzman and Andrew Zohn, Adam Holzman describes Dotson as a "bright and promising guitarist with…a fine technique and a mature musical sensitivity." In 2002, he was invited to Miami to perform at the Guitar Foundation of America convention. Dotson won 1st prize in the 2005 Appalachian International Solo Guitar Competition.

4th Place (Honorable mention)
Adam Kossler: North Carolina native Adam Kossler began his musical studies with his father at a very young age. Throughout high school, Adam performed and taught professionally in his hometown of Winston-Salem, and continued his musical studies by attending East Carolina University and earning a bachelor’s degree in classical guitar performance. In his time at ECU, Adam taught professionally and performed regularly with many local, regional and national bands, including The Shakedown, Mac and Juice and The Carolina Beach Club. Upon finishing his degree, Adam received his master’s degree in classical guitar performance at Appalachian State University, where he held a teaching assistantship and taught classes at the University. In 2008, he won first prize in the Music Academy of North Carolina International Guitar Competition and second prize in the Appalachian State Guitar Competition. Adam is currently pursuing a doctorate in guitar performance at Florida State University and teaches privately and professionally in Tallahassee.

In The News

Sixth Annual Texas Guitar Competition Begins March 23 at UT Dallas


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