11th Annual Texas Guitar Competition and Festival

Congratulations to the 11th Annual Guitar Competition Winners

Main competition
First = Chad Ibison
Second = Silviu Octavian Ciulei
Third = Mark Edwards
Fourth = Matthias Lang

Youth Division II (15-18 year-olds)
First = Vijay Meunier
Second = Jesus Camacho
Third = Sergio Hernandez

Youth Division I (11-14 year-olds)
First = William Berdine
Second = Evan Gabrielsen
Third = Mark Citzman

Chad Ibison Chad Ibison Silviu Octavian Ciulei Mark Edwards Matthias Lang
Chad Ibison Silviu Octavian Ciulei Silviu Octavian Ciulei Matthias Lang Matthias Lang
Vijay Meunier Jesus Camacho Sergio Hernandez William Berdine Mark Citzman

Guitar Fans and Virtuosos to Gather for Competition