Our Advantage

Through its innovative interdisciplinary approach and curriculum that emphasizes connections and collaboration, the School of Arts and Humanities fosters the qualities of intellect and imagination necessary for success in the 21st Century.

A world characterized by global interaction and rapid, dynamic change requires men and women of agile intelligence who are able to combine expertise with imagination, communicate effectively across cultures and respond confidently to new challenges and opportunities.

Our emphasis on connecting fields of study and modes of thinking has enabled A&H to develop highly successful cutting-edge programs such as Arts and Technology (ATEC) and Emerging Media and Communication (EMAC) that link the creative arts and humanities with advanced technology.

All our undergraduate majors prepare students to examine complex issues in a rich humanistic context, making connections among such fields as literature, history, philosophy and the arts. The Art and Performance major allows students to develop their creative talents in more than one area. The Historical Studies major encourages students of history and philosophy to think about the world and the past in creative and critical ways. The Literary Studies major brings together writers and scholars in literature, rhetoric and translation to help students experience literature and culture in an international and interdisciplinary context.

Our graduate program in Humanities produces scholars who can engage major issues from multiple perspectives. Students take an active role in designing the curriculum most appropriate to their educational ambitions. The graduate program in History provides a flexible, interdisciplinary context for the study of the past.

Rather than reproducing old models, the School of Arts and Humanities is helping to create the future of higher education.

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