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Recent Publications Validate ATEC Professor's Work

antÉ – Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems at The University of Texas at Dallas, is extensively referenced in two recent publications. Both are substantive acknowledgements of the importance of his research.

In his book To Live is to Change, author Frederic Chorda presents Nadin’s views on the dynamics of human development. Nadin does not explain change after it occurred, but rather deals with what makes change necessary. He sees anticipation as “the science of change” since human action is affected not only by previous and current states, but especially by possible future states. The book is one in a series, published by Anthropos in Barcelona, Spain, focusing on complexity.

Nadin has also written the chapter entitled “Play’s the Thing: A Wager on Healthy Aging.” in the book, Serious Game Design and Development: Technologies for Training and Learning (IGI Global Publishers). The book examines the high-tech delivery of simulated environments, and bridges the gap between development and science. Nadin presents examples of research carried out on the AnticipationScope (which combines motion description and neurological data and makes a digital record of it) set up in the Motion Capture (MoCap) Lab at ATEC.