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Art Exhibit to Showcase Works of 6 UT Dallas Women

Danielle Georgiou and Hillary HolsonbackDanielle Georgiou and Hillary Holsonback are both current residents at CentralTrak, UT Dallas’ artist residency and gallery.

Six emerging female artists, all current or former UT Dallas students, are presenting their work together in the exhibit A Fraudulent Desire to Exist.

The show, which is curated by UT Dallas professors John Pomara and Greg Metz, features the work of Cassandra Emswiler, Danielle Georgiou, Emily Loving, Hillary Holsonback, Robin Myrick and Sally Glass.

The opening reception for the show will be from 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 14, at Steve Paul Productions, which is hosting the exhibit.

“The photo/video works in A Fraudulent Desire range from theoretical to concrete. I find it interesting that all of the artists in the show have become familiar with one another’s work over the past year, and their ideas have cross-pollinated in idiosyncratic ways. It makes sense to put these pictures into the framework of an exhibition to see how they visually respond and talk,” said Pomara.

John Pomara

John Pomara says the exhibit shows how the artists’ ideas “cross-pollinated in idiosyncratic ways.”

Cassandra Emswiler recently completed a two-year residency at CentralTrak while earning a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA)at UT Dallas. Her work has been exhibited throughout Texas, and in 2008, she was awarded the DeGolyer Grant from the Dallas Museum of Art.

Photographs from Cassandra Emswiler’s Scrapbookingseries document small acts of assemblage upon the pages of old scrapbooks from the artist’s childhood. These works are elegiac self-portraits where commonplace objects and imagery dialogue about the gap between memory and experience.

Danielle Georgiou is a video performance artist. She is working on her PhD in humanities and currently resides at CentralTrak. Georgiou combines video and live performance to explore the image of woman in contemporary society. Her work investigates the performative notions of femininity, sexuality, identity and music.

Emily Loving is a photographer and MFA candidate. Loving approaches photography as a reflexive process of self-discovery. Focusing on abandoned materials as containers of events and memories, her subjects “reveal curious and nearly forgotten traces of human experience.”

Hillary Holsonback is a performative photographer based in Dallas. She currently resides at CentralTrak, and is working toward her MFA. Using advertisements and a camera, Holsonback literally inserts herself into the flow of consumer print culture by mixing self-portraits with the ads.

Robin Myrick is an instructor and doctoral candidate. Her photo series The Conversation explores the mediation and discourse of portraiture. Her largerbody of work is concerned with the rhetoric and convergence of identity, politics, consumerism, performance and disaster.

Sally Glass is a Dallas-based photographer, pursuing her MFA. Glass “explores those tiny hidden universes that one finds within.” These abstract environments emerge as huge and all encompassing, invoking times and places long since passed by reflecting those memories in imaginary worlds.

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