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Students Honored for Arts Accomplishments

Eleven students from the School of Arts and Humanities will receive a total of $16,000, thanks to the Jonelle and Bryce Jordan Scholarship Fund.

The fund’s annual awards support undergraduate students in music, theater, dance, creative writing, visual arts, and arts and technology. The 2011 recipients will each receive up to $2,500.

“The students who were selected are extremely talented and contribute to the University and community in many ways,” said Dr. Shelley D. Lane, associate dean of undergraduate education in the School of Arts and Humanities. “Their accomplishments are evidenced in gallery exhibits; musical, theatrical and dance performances; and in animation and computer game creation.”

This year’s recipients are:

  • Eli Aalderink (Music)
  • Brennan Anderson (Music)
  • Megan Bishop (Dance)
  • Claire Bruce (Music)
  • Joon Choi (Arts and Technology)
  • Troi Cluse (Arts and Technology)
  • Luke Harnden (Visual Arts)
  • Huda Hashim (Arts and Technology)
  • Sarah Martinez (Arts and Technology)
  • Narongsukchai Tintamusik (Visual Arts)
  • Indra Sutedja (Arts and Technology)

“I was happy to find out I had been selected,” said Joon Choi, a junior who is originally from South Korea. “My family’s been working hard to keep me in school in the U.S., and they are delighted to hear that I’ll be saving money thanks to this scholarship.”

Established in 1981 to support undergraduate music students at UT Dallas, the Jordan Scholarship Fund has since been extended to provide financial support to undergraduates in all of the creative and performing arts.

“In the 30th year of these scholarships, it is good to know that the arts are alive and well at UT Dallas,” said Dr. Bryce Jordan, a flutist and musicologist who was the first president of UT Dallas.

Scholarships are awarded through an application process that includes a work sample and an essay. For more information about courses in the arts, visit the School of Arts and Humanities.

Full story available from the UT Dallas News Center.