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Professors Open Up About Their Favorite Books

A happy World Book Day to bibliophiles everywhere!

As a tip of the hat to the celebration, UTD Magazine asked a handful of faculty members to share influential books in their lives.

Dr. Kenneth Brewer

School of Arts and Humanities

By George Eliot

“I first read Eliot’s massive Victorian novel as an undergraduate, and I’ve read it many times since then. As I’ve grown older, I’ve found myself interested in different characters than the ones I found fascinating the first times I read it. Initially unsympathetic characters have become sympathetic and interesting; it’s almost like reading a different book than the one I read as a young person. Eliot’s novel takes in a panorama of Victorian society, and focuses on so many issues that are relevant to our lives today. I hope to read it many more times because I always have a new experience whenever I read it again.”

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