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Students Get Positive Review for Permanent Collection

The North Dallas Gazette, Tues., Feb. 22 by Rick A. Elina:

“… Mr. North, a black character capably played by white actor, Jonathon Horne, has been named head of the Morris Foundation. From the first moment that Mr. North enters, he does so with strides so purposeful, there is little doubt that the new guard has now taken over the watch… Now enter Paul Barrow, a white character played by black actor Bill Hass… Mr. Hass convincingly portrays his character as a loyal protector of the past. The stage is now set for a clash between the old guard and the new. The object of their ensuing battle will be the display of African art by the foundation, in violation of its founder’s vision and last will. The race card is now dealt, with new layers being added to the struggle…” read more