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Professor Re-issues Work in Ebook Format

2011 Spur Award winner and UT Dallas professor Clay Reynolds has re-issued all his works of fiction in ebook format. The ebooks include the historical western and Pulitzer and WWA Spur Award finalist and Violet Crown-winning novel Franklin’s Crossing, along with the historical western The Tentmaker, and novels set in contemporary or near-contemporary times, Monuments, Ars Poetica , Threading the Needle, Players, Agatite, and The Vigil.

Larry McMurtry has called Reynolds’ work “ambitious and absorbing.” Reynolds’s novels, which are often set in the American West, are known for their themes of grit, daring, mystery, and the display of determination on the part of the characters even in hopeless or overwhelming conditions bred by living in an unforgiving, starkly beautiful landscape. Stephen King called Reynolds “a write of scope, vision, and vigorous storytelling ability.”

We are proud to bring these great novels to ebook readers,” says Tony Daniel, editor at Baen Books who published the digital copies. “And we’re very happy to give them new covers and generally put them in the form their author desires and the books deserve.”

The Reynolds ebooks will be available in multiple ebook formats, including for Kindle, at Baenebooks.com They are available both individually and in a bundle of eight for a significant discount.

For more information email [email protected] or call 1-800-ITS-BAEN