Arts and Humanities Advisory Council

The Advisory Council serves as a liaison between the School and the community. Both individually and collectively, board members assist the Dean in matters that involve community outreach and fundraising support. This group generally meets two to three times annually.

Dr. Bill Swart, Chair
Dr. Stan Ballard
Mr. Larry Bassuk
Ms. Suvanee Chirachanchai
Dr. Dallie Clark
Mr. Russell Cleveland
Ms. Anne E. Findley
Mr. Richard Freling
Ms. Camille Fu
Ms. Judi Hamby
Mr. Richard Kurjan
Mr. Stan Levenson
Dr. Brian McCall
Mr. Harry McClintock
Dr. Cynthia Miller
Mr. David M. Mills
Mr. Bryan Milner
Mr. Paul Nichols
Mr. Ray Noah
Mr. Wade Owens
Mrs. Pat Porter
Ms. Mary Edmiston Potter
Dr. Todd Sandler
Mr. William Skeeters
Dr. Marvin Stone
Mr. Don Stone
Ms. Barb Sypult
Mr. Ron Taylor
Dr. Shirl Terrell
Ms. Sherry Tucker
Mr. Brent Webb