Distinguished Alumni Awards

Gail Davitt, David Schulz 2003
Enric Madriguera 2004
Ann Broadaway 2005
Jin-ya Huang, Mary Murphy 2006
Richard Merrick 2007
Lisa Yun, Alma Bennett 2008
Patti Henry Pinch, Betty Wiesepape 2009
Brian McCall 2010
Peggy Brown, Katherine Pabst 2011
Akin Babatunde, David Hanson 2012

Annual Teaching Award

The Chancellor's Council Outstanding Teaching Award is presented annually by the University of Texas System to a member of the UT Dallas faculty. Six members of the School of Arts and Humanities have received this award:

Victor Worsfold 1989
Dennis Kratz 1992
Theresa Towner 2002
Robert Nelsen 2005
John Pomara 2007
Theresa Towner 2010

The School of Arts and Humanities annually recognizes excellence in teaching by a member of the faculty and a Graduate Teaching Assistant with the Victor Worsfold Outstanding Teaching Award.  The award honors Professor Worsfold, an inspiring educator and member of the faculty from 1975-2001 and recipient of the University of Texas Chancellor's Council Outstanding Teaching Award in 1989.

Victor Worsfold Outstanding Teaching Award

Edrie Sobstyl  1998-99
Monica Saba   1999-00
Adrienne McLean  2000-01
Robert Nelsen 2001-02
Dianne Goode 2002-03
Patricia Michaelson 2002-03
Gavin R.G. Hambly  2003-04
Pamela Gossin 2004-05
R. David Edmunds 2005-06
R. David Edmunds 2006-07
Monica Rankin 2007-08
Kathy Lingo 2008-09
Tom Riccio 2009-10
Daniel Wickberg 2010-11
Todd Fechter 2011-12

Teaching Assistant of the Year

Jean Perry, Beth Berrett 2004
Michelle Swindell 2005
Pia Jakobssen 2006
Rashmi Ramachandran 2007
Anthony Chaney, Lourdes Molina 2008
Megan Malone 2009
Rebecca Sader 2010
Lilian Barger 2011
Latoya Watkins 2012

Jo Ellen Roach Staff of Year

Sherry Clarkson 2010
Michelle Long 2011
Lisa Lyles 2012