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Rainer Schulte

Director, Center for Translation Studies / Editor, Translation Review / Professor

Katherine R. Cecil Professor in Foreign Languages

Areas of Specialization:  Translation studies, 20th-century Latin American and European literature, literature and the arts; poetry writing.

Office:  JO 5.508
Office Hours:  by appointment
Mail Station:  JO 51
Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  972-883-2092

My parents were teachers; I have always been interested in the field of education. Initially, I thought I would pursue a career as a concert pianist, but after intensive study in languages and cultures I decided to specialize in the study of translation and literatures. In reflecting on my life as a professor I can see that I have always pursued new directions and have questioned traditional concepts and boundaries. For example, in 1978, I founded both the American Literary Translators Association and Translation Review, the only journal devoted exclusively to the art and craft of translation. In 1980, I established the Center for Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication to make the paradigm of translation the foundation for the study of literature and the arts.

During my career, I have tried to direct my students to avoid a linear and narrow approach to their studies, and to have them continuously question conventional thinking in the same way that artists in all fields challenge accepted ways of interpreting the world.

In short, I encourage my students to take risks.

I have always concentrated on the study of very contemporary international authors to illuminate the unique cultural expressions in their works. It is through translation that the cultural values emerge, and the resulting dialogue between nations and languages can lead to intercultural understanding. My articles and books deal with the craft and theory of literary translation. Recently, I have expanded my research into the connections between literature and the arts and also the impact of digital technology on the study of translation and the humanities.

My preferred teaching style is to create a workshop atmosphere in the classroom between professor and students, and also among students themselves. In the workshop environment the students feel free to express their views and to critique each other's work. In the workshop setting, students work on concrete projects that often lead to publication.

I came to the United States from Germany as a Fulbright scholar. I then pursued doctoral studies at the University of Michigan, where I studied with the eminent internationally known scholar and critic Austin Warren. My first academic position was at Ohio University, where I developed the program in comparative literature and translation.

While at Ohio University, I founded Mundus Artium: A Journal of International Literature and the Arts, which published several hundred writers from other languages in English translation.

Work Samples and Publications: 

A complete list of my publications can be found within my Curriculum Vitae on my website.


PhD, Comparative Literature, University of Michigan
MA, English and French, Minor in Philosophy, University of Mainz
Dickinson College, Fullbright Student
Masterclass for Piano (Darmstadt)

Curriculum Vitae:  Rainer Schulte's CV

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