Faculty at the School of Arts and Humanities

Carole Lester

Lecturer 1

Area:  HIST
Areas of Specialization:  US History, Texas History and World History

Office:  online-only
Office Hours:  virtual office hour W: 1:30 PM -2:30 PM
Mail Station:  JO 31
Email:  [email protected]

Who am I? I am a retired administrator who would much rather be in the classroom teaching and learning with interesting students. My approach to the classroom is not, what can I teach the students, but rather what can we all learn together. Education only benefits those who can take new information and apply it to old problems. I feel I have been successful if one of my students learns to challenge the norms, to ask the difficult questions and not to accept the glib answers. I am most proud of my teaching awards both from my former Institution, Richland College and the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) in 1993, and 2000.

Even tough I am supposed to be "retired"—I am continuing to work on research focused on notable women in Texas History and topics related to education history especially regarding education of native Americans.

What excites me about teaching, and keeps me striving for excellence is the possibility that something I say, or have the students do, may lead to life altering changes in them. Hopefully, they learn that the skills and creativity they develop in my classroom apply to their daily lives. The lessons of history are useless if they are left locked in the pages of text books. My job as a teacher is to help my students develop the critical tools necessary to unlock the information and let it influence their lives. History does not repeat itself, people do. That is the lesson I learn every time I enter a classroom, on campus or online.

Before joining the University of Texas at Dallas I retired from the Dallas County Community College District where I was the Dean of Instruction, Academic Enrichment Programs at Richland College. In addition to administrative duties, I taught history and humanities in learning community classes, and online. I was also the national service learning history project consultant for the American Association of Community Colleges, the campus representative to the Imagining America consortium, and president of the Southwestern Division of the Community College Humanities Association (CCHA). I also served as Richland's project director for three CCHA and National Endowment for the Humanities grant projects, "Advancing Humanities through Technology", "Faces of America," and the Summer American Landmarks Workshops: "Remembering the Alamo." I earned Excellence in Teaching awards from National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) in 1993, and 2000, was featured in Who's Who in American Teachers, 2002 and Who's Who Among Academia, 2011.

Work Samples and Publications: 

  • "GREEN Richland: Creating sustainable Local and World Community," Community College Journal of Research and Practice, Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, Vol. 32, No 11, November 2008.
  • "Institutional Transformation at Richland College," co-authored with Raymond Canham, Liberal Education, AAC&U, Vol.89, No.1, Winter, 2003.
  • Telecourse Scripts for DCCCD Telecourse entitled Government by Consent, Scripts entitled "Texas Government and Religion" and "The Government and Mass Media." 1990.
  • Deep in the Heart: A Brief Texas History, Cognella Publishing, 2016

Ph.D. (American History, Minor- Radio, Film & Television), University of North Texas
M.A. Humanities (History of Ideas concentration), University of Texas at Dallas
B.A. (Magna cum Laude) American Studies, University of Texas at Dallas
Associate of Arts and Science (With Honors), Dallas County Community College District Richland College

Curriculum Vitae:  Carole Lester's CV