Faculty at the School of Arts and Humanities

Shelby Vincent

Lecturer and Research Associate

Areas of Specialization:  Translation Studies, Spanish

Office:  JO 5.510
Mail Station:  JO 51
Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  972-883-2030

I'm fortunate to have a dual role here at UTD—I'm a lecturer and also a Research Associate in the Center for Translation Studies. For the academic year 2015-2016 I taught Beginning Spanish I & II and will teach an undergraduate translation workshop in the fall semester of 2016 (LIT 4348). I'm especially excited about the workshop because it will be one of very few undergraduate translation workshops ever offered at UTD or across the U.S. In my position in the Center for Translation Studies, one of my primary responsibilities is managing editor of Translation Review, our award-winning journal of translation studies. In these roles I am lucky enough to be able to work in the areas I enjoy most: languages and translation.

My research interests include Translation Studies, Latin American Literature, Latin American History, and Cultural Memory. In my work as a translator, I am able to engage in these interests in the process of translating works of fiction and poetry. For example, the novel I translated for my creative dissertation—Carmen Boullosa's Cielos de la Tierra—allowed me to engage deeply in all of these research interests because they all figured heavily in the novel.

In my classes I strive to foster an environment of mutual respect, trust, and learning. I know the idea of learning in a university classroom is a given, but I think the emphasis on "learning" is important, especially in a language classroom. So, I let students know at the beginning of the semester that making mistakes is fine—even normal and expected—because the only way to learn a language is to by trying to speak the language, and mistakes are an inevitable part of the process. I want them to feel safe and know that they can trust that they won't be judged harshly for making the mistakes we all make when trying to learn a new language.

I've been at UTD for many years now, first as a former Audiologist turned returning Master's student pursuing a new career path, then as a Ph.D. student, and now as a lecturer and research associate in the Center for Translation Studies.

Work Samples and Publications:  My translation of Carmen Boullosa's Cielos de la Tierra is forthcoming from Deep Vellum Publishing under the title Heavens on Earth.

And in my spare time, away from UTD, I am currently translating another of Boullosa's novels, La virgen y el violín [The Virgin and the Violin].

A recent project I contributed my time to is a book edited by Rachel Cassandra and Lauren Gucik titled Woman Street Artists of Latin America / Grafiteras y Muralistas en América Latina, which was published in November 2015. The editors traveled across Latin America and interviewed woman street artists and then enlisted the help of translators across the United States to transcribe and translate the interviews. I transcribed and translated an interview with a Oaxacan street artist named Ana Santos. It was a fascinating project that took me into a world that I was only marginally aware of before delving into the transcription and translation process.


PhD, May 2015, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas, Arts and Humanities, Studies in Literature, concentration in Translation Studies. Title of Dissertation: Translating Translators, History, and Memory in Carmen Boullosa's Cielos de la Tierra.

MA, December 2005, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas, Arts and Humanities, Studies in Literature, concentration in Translation Studies.

Curriculum Vitae:  Shelby Vincent's CV