Faculty at the School of Arts and Humanities

Nami Kroska

Visiting Assistant Professor

Area:  JAPN
Areas of Specialization:  Japanese

Office:  JO 5.708
Office Hours:  Friday, by appointment
Mail Station:  JO 31
Email:  [email protected]

I am native Japanese from Sapporo, Japan. My students call me Nami Sensei.

I have lived in the United States for 23 years and have taught Japanese for over 18 years. I have lived in many states since coming to the United States. I have survived the rains in Washington State, bitter cold winters in Minnesota, and now the Texas heat. Like many students, I love Japanese anime, movies, and J-POP.

One of my interests of study are the levels of politeness in Japanese society. It is a complex custom which requires awareness of others rankings around you. I teach this in my advanced Japanese classes.

I have a strong interest in Japanese culture, history, and language and I really enjoy sharing that knowledge with my students. I not only use text books in the classroom, but I use authentic materials from Japan so students can get "hands-on" experience.

I believe a light, enjoyable atmosphere is essential in learning a language. Learning a language can be fun. I encourage my students to get involved and we have many group activities. I also impress upon my students not to give up so they can reach their goals.

I had students go on to become Japanese speakers/Flight Attendants for American Airlines, others go to work in Japan as translators. I had a student, who works for Microsoft, qualify to become a bilingual speaker and improved his position at the company. I have also helped many students achieve their own personal goals.

Before joining the University of Texas at Dallas, I taught Japanese at a high school. I also taught kids, teens, college students and adults in private lessons. Besides teaching Japanese, I have experience working in an insurance company in Japan. I also worked as a Flight Attendant for a major airline in the United States.

Master of Arts and Science at Columbia University, majored in Japanese Pedagogy.
Bachelor of Science at the University of North Texas, majored in International Studies.
Certified by ACTFL and NAFL in the teaching of a foreign language.

Curriculum Vitae:  Nami Kroska's CV