Faculty at the School of Arts and Humanities

Shazia Ali

Lecturer 1

Areas of Specialization:  Humanities, World Literature, British Novels, Middle Eastern Literature

Office:  JO 5.109
Mail Station:  JO 31
Email:  [email protected]

I teach Humanities and Literature and I encourage my students to see and experience realities and myths that are beyond their everyday life. By learning about other cultures and civilizations we are not only enlightened but also learn to develop an appreciation and respect for the world around us.

I am a poet, a writer and a teacher. My students see me in all three roles at different moments. My Honors thesis was on Gothic heroines, my Master's portfolio on Holocaust literature, and my Ph.D teaching fields were British, American and World Literature. Diversity and interdisciplinary goals have always guided my steps, and I would have wandered aimlessly if I had not met a professor who stopped me in my tracks and said, "The best way to learn is to teach."

Teaching is a wonderful way to explore and learn. I teach both on-campus and online classes in Humanities, Writing and Literature. I encourage my students to focus on discovering their "voices" in their writing, develop their analytical skills by reading a wide array of texts and learn to appreciate our history and the world we live in. We learn from each other through collaboration and interaction. I know that my students have taught me as much as I may have taught them.

I grew up in a family where learning and education were as essential as breathing. Everything we did was measured by what we had learned. In an attempt to learn, I roamed the streets of Karachi, Pakistan in my late teens working as a journalist for one of the leading English newspapers. My experiences were varied, but the foremost thing I learned was that language and communication were an integral part of discovering yourself. I got married and moved to Dallas, Texas in 1999. In an attempt to quench my thirst for learning I decided to go back to school, earning my Bachelor's degree (Magna cum Laude) and my Masters (with Distinctions). I began working on my Ph.D and learned how to walk the fine line between being a student and a teacher. Passion for reading and writing led me from journalism to literature, which is just a hair's breath away from the other. Today, teaching and writing are no longer just a passion, but a profession as well.

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Work Samples and Publications: 

Ph.D. in Humanities & Studies in Literature, The University of Texas at Dallas, August 2010
M.A. in Studies in Literature, The University of Texas at Dallas, December 2005
B.A. in Literary Studies (Magna cum Laude), The University of Texas at Dallas, May 2005

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