Allene Nichols

Lecturer 1

Areas of Specialization:  Nineteenth and twentieth century feminist and LGBTQ literature and popular culture

Office:  JO 3.530
Email:  [email protected]

I teach rhetoric at UT Dallas. While my recent studies have focused on the representation of the witch in feminist literature and popular culture, I also have a background in drama. I often use performance to teach my students concepts like audience and voice. I'm a creative writer and my poetry has appeared in a variety of journals, while my plays have been performed in California, New York, Wisconsin and Dallas.

One of my research focuses is how popular culture and literature represent women and LGBTQ people. I'm particularly interested in how these identities are acted out in science fiction and fantasy television shows and movies because I think they say a lot about where our society stands on issues of equality.

I'm fascinated by the wide variety of interests and ideas that my students bring to class. I want to encourage them to move toward original research so that they can contribute to their chosen fields. I tend to focus on the structure of an essay and critical thinking. My students have written on topics like the future of artificial intelligence, using animation to teach social skills to people on the autism spectrum, the need for an international legal body to address environmental issues and more efficient ways to evaluate the financial market.

Before working here, I got my doctorate in humanities at UT Dallas. In addition to teaching at a number of community colleges, I have worked as a technical writer, a user interface designer, a programmer and a high school teacher.

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Ph.D. in Humanities, The University of Texas at Dallas, May 2016
M.A. in Humanities, The University of Texas at Dallas, Dec 2002
B.S. in Drama, Texas Woman's University, May 1987

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