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Michael Allred

Lecturer of Japanese

Area:  JAPN
Areas of Specialization:  World Languages, Language Education, Linguistics, Translation

Office:  JO 3.530
Office Hours:  MWF: 10:30-11:45
Mail Station:  JO 31
Email:  [email protected]

This is my eleventh year teaching world languages and I am excited to teach Japanese at UTD because I am Japanese American and have the opportunity to share a language and culture that are deeply rooted in who I am with students who are passionate about all of the fun and amazing things about Japanese and the people who speak it. I trained to become an opera singer while I was growing up and gave up that dream when I realized that my favorite part of vocal study was translating the works that I would sing. Studying scores in French, German, and Italian made me want to be able to speak all of these languages and I have been studying languages ever since. I am fluent in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian. I am currently learning German, Catalan, Chinese, and Esperanto.

I first began doing research with my undergraduate thesis: La colocación de los adjetivos en el habla bilingüe: un estudio de la alternancia de códigos ("The Placement of Adjectives in Bilingual Speech: A Study on Code-Switching"). It was from this experience that I began to have a sense that I would want to pursue studies in bilingualism as a career. I was also one of the winners of the Mitchell Award for this study and gained confidence in myself as a burgeoning researcher. I have also moved more broadly into how bilingualism is developed and supported in all learners whether they be heritage speakers or students with no experience with the language.

Many students study a language because they want to able to communicate when they travel or understand their favorite movies, music, and shows in the target language. I like to work with students to help them develop authentic, holistic language skills they will use in their personal and professional lives as these motivators support lifelong learning and increased interest in the language. I accomplish this by getting to know my students and using student-centered approaches that allow me to help several students over the course of the class period. Japanese is a difficult language to learn, but one of my goals and priorities is to show my students that they can learn a lot and become proficient in Japanese with hard work and diligence through a focused approach.

Before coming to the University of Texas at Dallas, I taught Japanese, French, and Spanish at the high school level for several years. I have also been lucky to teach at the University of Tours for a year in Tours, France and at a Spanish-English bilingual secondary school in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Every few years, I also travel back to Japan to visit family in Kyushu and spend time in Tokyo. I have visited different cities and states in the US and hope to continue traveling domestically and abroad.

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Work Samples and Publications: 

  • My Cannibalized Self: An Autoethnography - Biliteracy Development in Japanese Heritage Language Study, Deep University Press, 2016.
  • Language Policy or the Politics of Language: Re-imagining the Role of Language in a Neoliberal Society, Deep University Press, 2018.


Ph.D. in World Language Education, University of Wisconsin at Madison
M.Eng. in Technical Japanese, University of Wisconsin at Madison
M.A. in French, University of North Texas
B.A. in Spanish Language Education and Teacher Education, University of Texas at Austin

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