Carie S. Tucker King

Clinical Professor

Areas of Specialization:  rhetoric, research methods, ethics, medical rhetoric, professional communication, technical writing and editing, digital content design

Office:  JO 3.548
Mail Station:  JO 31
Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  972-883-2790

My name is Carie and I seek to "live in inquiry" and to teach rhetoric, communication, professionalism, and ethics classes in ATEC, A&H, ECS, and NSM at UT Dallas. I like to work with students as they refine their communication skills, grow as individuals, and prepare to enter the workplace. When I am not working, I volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America and coach a Model United Nations team. I also like to travel: I was raised in a military family and have traveled all over the world.

My current projects (after creating new curriculum and teaching) include expanding a research project on how breast-cancer patients interact online, investigating how students disclose personal information in online spaces, and evaluating writing curriculum for graduate math students.

I studied English at Baylor and worked as a medical writer for 14 years. I then returned to school for a MA in Technical Writing (University of North Texas) and a PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric (Texas Tech) and completed a year of postdoctoral study in ethics and communication at the Center for Spirituality and Ethics at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. I have taught at UT Dallas since 2008—and I love it. WHOOSH!

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Work Samples and Publications: 

Selected Publications:

  • McMillion, T., & King, C. S. T. (2017—in press). Communication and security issues in online education: Student self-disclosure in course introductions. Journal of Online Interactive Education.
  • King, C. S. T., Bivens, K., Pumroy, E., Rauch, S., & Koerber, A. (in review). IRB Challenges and Solutions in Health Communication Research. Health Communication.
  • King, C. S. T. (in review). Patient Discourse as Technical Communication: Discussion Board Posts on Breastcancer.org. Technical Communication Quarterly.
  • King, C. S. T. (in preparation—contracted). The rhetoric of breast cancer: Patient-to-patient discourse in an online community. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield).
  • King, C. S. T. (in preparation). Teaching writing to graduate mathematics students (tentative title). The American Statistician.
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PhD, Technical Communication and Rhetoric, Texas Tech University, 2012
MA, Technical Writing, University of North Texas, 2008
BA, English (journalism minor), Baylor University, 1991

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