Faculty at the School of Arts and Humanities

Kathy Lingo

Professor of Instruction

Areas of Specialization:  Improvisation, Acting, Directing, Public Speaking, Club Improv Sponsor

Office:  JO 5.204
Office Hours:  M and W: 11-11:30 and 6:45-7:20
Mail Station:  JO 31
Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  972-883-4152

How many people can say they make their living making people think, create and laugh? I do. The joy and passion I feel when teaching acting, directing, improvisation and speech communication is priceless. Teaching others to think "out of the box" requires methods of pedagogy that are unique to each student, well structured with clear objectives, encourages others to experiment and take risks, and promotes positive thinking that inspires students to create.

After living in Italy and traveling the world I find translated works fascinating.

My classes are loud and buzzing with energy. Students are constantly working in class with very little, if any, down time. The level of energy they produce is contagious. Their commitment to the subject matter, the joy and passion they express in and about their work amazes me. Reciprocity?

I have been teaching at the University and College level since I was in graduate school, the first time. Directly after grad school I worked on several feature films as a Production Coordinator and Consultant.

M.F.A. in Arts and Technology, The University of Texas at Dallas
Master of Arts in Teaching in the Humanities, The University of Texas at Dallas
Bachelors of Science and Education, North Texas State University

Curriculum Vitae:  Kathy Lingo's CV