Faculty at the School of Arts and Humanities

Monica Rankin

Associate Professor

Areas of Specialization:  Mexican history, Latin American history

Office:  JO 4.916
Office Hours:  T: 4-5, Th: 4-5
Mail Station:  JO 31
Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  972-883-2005

I am a historian and the director of the UT-Dallas Center for U.S.-Latin America Initiatives. I am passionate about Latin American history and culture, and I like to experiment in the emerging field of digital humanities. In 2015 I was honored to receive the UT Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award.

My research focuses broadly on cultural and policy aspects of Latin American foreign relations. My first book examines the uses of propaganda in Mexico in World War II and I am currently writing the history of the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs (OCIAA)—a U.S. bureau dedicated to Latin American programs during the war. I have merged that research with digital humanities by collaborating with UT Dallas ATEC faculty to create an animation showcasing one of the OCIAA's wartime programs in the coastal province of El Oro, Ecuador.

I aim to broaden the intellectual and global vision of my students by cultivating their curiosity for Latin American history and culture in the classroom. I also enjoy encouraging students to consider "non-traditional" expressions of historical arguments by relying on their specific intellectual and creative skills. In addition to writing traditional essays, my students have engaged in historical analysis by creating films, artwork, creative writing, and digital media.

I worked in the private sector many years ago as a sales and marketing representative for the Latin American region. That experience fueled my interest in Latin American history and I eventually pursued an M.A. at Washington University and a Ph.D. at the University of Arizona.

Work Samples and Publications: 


  • ¡México, la patria! Propaganda and Production during World War II. (University of Nebraska Press, 2010).
  • The History of Costa Rica. (ABC-CLIO, 2012).
Reference:Forthcoming Books:
  • Exploitation and Resistance with Mark Burkholder. (Under contract with Oxford University Press)
  • Next Door Diplomacy: Nelson Rockefeller and the OCIAA in Latin America during WWII (Under contract with University of Nebraska Press)
  • Problems in Modern Mexico: A Primary Document Reader with William Beezley (Under contract with Rowman & Littlefield Press)
See Monica's CV for a full list of additional publications.


Ph.D. in History, University of Arizona, 2004
M.A. in History, Washington University, 1999
M.A. in International Affairs, Washington University, 1998
B.A. in Spanish and International Studies, Missouri State University, 1994

Curriculum Vitae:  Monica Rankin's CV