Dean's Office

Name Phone Room Title About
Desiree Johnson 972-883-2984 JO 4.510C Assistant to the Dean Desiree is Interim Dean Roemer's executive assistant. She oversees hiring of part-time lecturers and facilitates faculty searches. Desiree is also the main point of contact for annual faculty reviews, and the Advisory Council for the School of Arts and Humanities.

Administrative Services

Name Phone Room Title About
Lisa Lyles 972-883-6780 JO 4.510 Receptionist/Travel Coordinator As receptionist, Lisa is on the front lines of customer service for the School of Arts and Humanities. Lisa also coordinates travel for faculty, students and guests. She is the main contact for business cards, office supplies, faculty timesheets, phone reports and class field trips for Arts and Humanities.
Dena Davis 972-883-2985 JO 4.510E School Fiscal Officer Manages the budget and accounts that are required to keep the school running. Oversees all HR and payroll functions in A&H as well scholarship payments, new financial account requests, computer account access audits and new faculty relocations. Also coordinates the school computer replacement plan, purchasing for the dean's office and facilities projects in Jonsson.
Michelle Lemon 972-883-2981 JO 4.503 Administrative Services Officer Michelle coordinates the assembly and entry of the course schedule, over 300 classes per semester. She also tracks enrollments for courses, manages course evaluations, manages accounts for several endowments and the Confucius Institute, and processes the faculty work load report. Michelle is the primary contact for requesting copier codes, room reservations and receiving.
Zakiya Bryant 972-883-3939 JO 4.510 Administrative Assistant I Zakiya is the administrative assistant to editor Benjamin Lima, who creates the Athenaeum Review for the school of Arts and Humanities. She also oversees the A&H student worker hiring process, and is financial support for the department.

Graduate Advising

Name Phone Room Title About
Alice Salazar Presti 972-883-2756 JO 4.510 Graduate Program Coordinator Alice is the assistant to the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies as well as program coordinator for the graduate programs in History, Humanities, and Latin American Studies. She assists students with questions involving their degree program, registration, and scheduling of qualifying exams and MA and PhD defenses. She monitors each graduate student's progress through the graduate program. Alice reviews student files for graduation as well as overseeing the final submission of portfolios, casebooks, and capstone projects to the A&H office. She is responsible for coordinating teaching assistant appointments, assignments, and offices.
Pia Jakobsson 972-883-4706 JO 4.128 Graduate Advisor HUMA, HIST, and LATS Pia is the Graduate Advisor for the traditional areas of A&H: the Graduate Program in Humanities, the Graduate program in History, and the Graduate Program in Latin American Studies. She meets with graduate students in these areas either by appointment or during scheduled office hours to answer questions and advise students about degree plans, program requirements, course selection, academic progress, and professional development.

Undergraduate Advising

Name Phone Room Title About
Sydney Taylor 972-883-2759 JO 4.508 Academic Advisor II Sydney is A&H's advisor for undergraduate students with last names A-Mc.
Megan Gray Hering 972-883-2980 JO 4.508 Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies Megan Gray Hering is the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies. She advises undergraduate students with last names Me-Z.

Information Technology Services: [email protected]

Name Phone Room Title About
Carlos Palomino 972-883-2833 JO 5.608E Software System Specialist  

Communications, Development and Alumni Relations

Name Phone Room Title About
Phil Roth 972-883-2193 AD 3.220F Communications Manager, Communications Phil manages the communication needs for the School of Arts & Humanities, which includes writing articles for the university's internal publications. He also facilitates interactions with media outlets like newspapers, T.V. stations and radio stations.
Holly Hull Miori 972-883-4119 JO 4.202 Director of Development and Alumni Relations MTS, CFRE
Taylor Guest 972-883-2768 JO 4.910 Graphic Designer

Taylor provides graphic design for print and digital advertising for the School of Arts and Humanities. This includes brochures, flyers, posters, invitations, postcards, banners, billboards, signage, newspaper/magazine ads, t-shirts, programs, booklets, leaflets, calendars, etc. Taylor also serves as the unofficial photographer for Arts and Humanities events.

Taylor has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Advertising Graphic Design from Sam Houston State University and has been with UT Dallas since January 2016.

Brandon B. Brown 972-883-4304 JO 4.910 Web Developer

Brandon develops and maintains the digital presence of the School of Arts and Humanities and its related entities. This includes the general A&H website, the maintenance for several Arts and Humanities centers' websites (Ackerman, Center for Values, Center for Asian Studies, Center for Translation, CUSLAI), the design and maintenance to related organizations' websites (such as Translation Review, Comer Collection, University Choir, Reunion), the design of online graphics, and the production of the weekly events newsletter and other mass emails. Brandon also creates and/or manages all of the social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) put out by the school.

Brandon has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising-Creative from Southern Methodist University and has been with UT Dallas since August 2015.

Event Managment

Name Phone Room Title About
Kristi Barrus 972-883-2765 JO 3.540 Director of Events  
Chinweolu Greer 972-883-2972 JO 3.534 Events Coordinator  

Art and Performance

Name Phone Room Title About
Mary Medrick 972-883-2754 JO 1.208 Director of Music  
Thomas Riccio 972-883-2016 JO 5.614 Director of Theatre  
Shelby Hibbs 972-883-6054 JO 4.628 Assistant Director of Theatre  
Alex Lorrain-Hill 972-883-2074 JO 1.206 Assistant Technical Director of Theatre  
Chris Trevino 972-883-2036 JO 1.211 Assistant Technical Director of Theatre
Michael McVay 972-883-2764 JO 1.206 Accompanist

Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies

Name Extension Room Title About
Nils Roemer 972-883-2769 JO 4.808 Director  
Cindy Seton-Rogers 972-883-2724 JO 4.814 Academic and Outreach Events Manager  
Bonnie Gordon 972-883-4171 JO 4.806 Administrative Assistant  
Holly Hull Miori 972-883-4119 JO 4.202 Director of Development and Alumni Relations MTS, CFRE

Center for Translation Studies

Name Phone Room Title About
Rainer Schulte 972-883-2092 JO 5.508 Director  
Shelby Vincent 972-883-2030 JO 5.508 Research Associate  
Rebekah Ivey 972-883-2092 JO 5.508 Administrative Assistant  
Jai Eun Kim 972-883-2092 JO 5.508 Administrative Assistant  
Linda Snow 972-883-2092 JO 5.508 Research Specialist  

Center for Values in Science Medicine and Technology

Name Phone Room Title About
Matt Brown 972-883-2536 JO 4.120 Director  
Magdalena Grohman 972-883-4940 JO 4.114 Associate Director  

Center for Asian Studies

Name Phone Room Title About
Dennis M. Kratz 972-883-2986 JO 5.512 Director  
Sharon Yang 972-883-4860 JO 5.504A Associate Director  

Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History

Name Phone Room Title About
Michael Thomas 972-883-7556 ATC 2.818 Director Mailstop: ATC 11
Sarah Kozlowski 972-883-2944 ATC 2.800 Associate Director Mailstop: ATC 11
Pierrette Lacour 972-883-2475 ATC 2.800 Program Coordinator, Rick Brettell's Assistant Mailstop: ATC 11
Heidi Kessell 972-883-7545 ATC 2.806 Business Administrator Mailstop: ATC 11
Paul Galvez 972-883-7582 ATC 2.800 MA Program Chair Mailstop: ATC 11
Heather Bowling 972-883-2475 ATC 2.800 Administrative Assistant Mailstop: ATC 11
Katrina Saunders 972-883-2475 ATC 2.800 Project Coordinator Mailstop: ATC 11
Benjamin Lima 972-883-2021 JO 5.608F Editor, The Athenaeum Review Mailstop: JO 31