Full-time Faculty in Art and Performance

Last, First Email Office Phone Area of Specialization
Curchack, Fred
Professor of Drama
[email protected] JO 4.906 972-883-2684 I teach acting, directing, writing, dramatic literature, Shakespeare, Asian Theatre, design, video, music, mask work, puppetry, voice, movement, art and performance, and solo performance. I create plays and original ensemble performances with students.
Medrick, Mary
Director of Music, Senior Lecturer
[email protected] JO 1.208 972-883-2754 Piano, Composition
Metz, Greg
Senior Lecturer
[email protected] ATC 4.911 972-883-2774 Gallery and Exhibition Studies, Social Practice, Sculpture, Printmaking
Pomara, John
[email protected] ATC 4.909 972-883-2675 Painting; contemporary issues and art theory
Rodriguez, Robert
[email protected] JO 4.640 972-883-2766 Musical composition, conducting.
Rosen, Mark
Associate Professor
[email protected] ATC 2.702 972-883-2367 History of Art, Early Modern Art and History, History of Slavery, History of Cartography, The Social History of Art, European-Ottoman Relations
Saba, Monica
Senior Lecturer
[email protected] JO 5.502 972-883-2083
Tady, Lorraine
Clinical Assistant Professor
[email protected] ATC 4.903 972-883-6753 Design, Color, Painting, Drawing.

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