Courses in Communication

Specific Course Descriptions by Semester

Course Lookup is the University's semester-by-semester guide to finding classes using a customized search. Consult it for general scheduling. Not all courses are taught each semester.

COMM 1311 (SPCH 1311) Survey of Oral and Technology-based Communication (3 semester credit hours) Survey of theories, concepts, and skills as they relate to human interaction. Study of intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group, public, and mediated and technology-based communication. Practice in the preparation and delivery of oral presentations. (3-0) S

COMM 2311 Topics in Communication (3 semester credit hours) An introduction to specialized topics in communication. May be repeated for credit as topics vary (6 semester credit hours maximum). (3-0) R

COMM 2313 (SPCH 1315) Public Speaking (3 semester credit hours) Designed to introduce students to the principles of public speaking. Emphasizes preparation (including audience analysis, research, outlining, and practice) and performance. Students will prepare and present various types of speeches, including those that relate to informative, persuasive,and special occasion speaking. (3-0) R

COMM 2V71 Independent Study in Communications (1-3 semester credit hours) Independent study under a faculty member's direction. Signature of instructor and Associate Dean on proposed project outline required. May be repeated for credit (9 semester credit hours maximum). Instructor consent required. ([1-3]-0) R

COMM 3300 Reading Media Critically (3 semester credit hours) Addresses the process of reading and interpretation in the larger context of communication theory. Focuses on the interpretation of communication created for and disseminated through mass media. This course will retain core notation for a transition period - see Please consult advisors for more detailed information. Prerequisite: RHET 1302. (3-0) Y

COMM 3301 Business and Professional Communication (3 semester credit hours) Explores mediated, public, and interpersonal communication strategies in professional contexts. Students learn business-related interviewing skills, how to conduct meetings and work in teams, and practice business-related presentations. Prerequisite: RHET 1302. (3-0) Y

COMM 3311 Interpersonal Communication (3 semester credit hours) Surveys theories, concepts, and skills related to communication in personal and professional relationships. Examines the influence of social media and technology-based communication on interpersonal communication and introduces students to research about interpersonal communication and relationships. Prerequisite: RHET 1302. (3-0) Y

COMM 3338 Debate (3 semester credit hours) By instructor approval only, this course is open to members of the UT Dallas competitive debate team. Working as a squad, students will participate in practice debates as well as weekend competitions against other colleges and universities across the country. Credit/No Credit only. May be repeated for credit (12 semester credit hours maximum). Instructor consent required. (3-0) S

COMM 3342 Advanced Topics in Communication (3 semester credit hours) Focuses on advanced topics in communication, such as political communication, sports communication, public relations, and digital journalism. May be repeated for credit as topics vary (9 semester credit hours maximum). Prerequisite: RHET 1302. (3-0) Y

COMM 3351 History and Theory of Communication (3 semester credit hours) This course surveys the history of communication studies. Students will be introduced to major concepts and theories associated with interpersonal, intercultural, group/organizational, rhetorical and mass communication. Students will learn to apply these communication concepts and theories to their everyday lives and future professional pursuits. Prerequisite: RHET 1302. (3-0) R

COMM 3352 Media and Culture (3 semester credit hours) Media and Culture will examine mass media historically and culturally. The origins and evolution of sounds and images, words and pictures, and the business and democratic expression of mass media will be explored to understand how mass media shapes our culture. Prerequisite: RHET 1302 (3-0) R

COMM 4313 Advanced Public Speaking (3 semester credit hours) This course is for students who have mastered basic public speaking skills. It will explore and fine-tune a wider range of styles and skills. The course will be performance-centered and will include presentations, selected readings, examinations, and classroom exercises on a more advanced level. Prerequisite: COMM 1311 orCOMM 3301 or instructor consent required. (3-0) R

COMM 4314 Persuasion (3 semester credit hours) The course will emphasize the critical evaluation of persuasive messages and the design of persuasive appeals. By merging theory and practice, students will focus on persuasive strategies as a means for influencing attitudes, beliefs, and actions in a variety of contexts, including business, politics, interpersonal interactions, and emerging media. Prerequisites:RHET 1302 and upper-division standing. (3-0) S

COMM 4340 Small Group Communication (3 semester credit hours) Group processes and dynamics applied to public discussion and small group communication. Study of the development of group leadership abilities, problem-solving techniques and conflict management, discussion methods, and the importance of small groups in the modern professional environment. Prerequisites: RHET 1302and upper-division standing. (3-0) R

COMM 4350 Intercultural Communication (3 semester credit hours) Examines how culture is studied and how culture affects self-concept, reasoning and patterns of thought, verbal and nonverbal communication, and communication style. Additional topics include intercultural conflict, ethnocentrism and prejudice, intercultural accommodation and adjustment, and intercultural business protocol. Prerequisites: RHET 1302 and upper-division standing. (3-0) R

COMM 4351 U.S. Culture and Communication (3 semester credit hours) This interdisciplinary course examines the relationship between American culture and communication in terms of concepts and theories related to anthropology, communication, linguistics, psychology, and sociology. Topics covered include the characterization of culture; descriptions of American culture; the relationship between American culture and communication; and research about co-cultures, subcultures, and regional dialects. Prerequisites: RHET 1302 and upper-division standing. (3-0) R

COMM 4360 Communication Ethics (3 semester credit hours) This course examines the conceptual perspectives and approaches for understanding and evaluating communication ethics in a variety of contexts. Contexts may include interpersonal relationships, small groups, organizations, intercultural encounters, public communication and technology-based communication. The course is designed to reveal values and ethical issues inherent in communication and provide resources for making and defending choices on ethical grounds. Prerequisites: RHET 1302 and upper-division standing. (3-0) R

COMM 4V71 Advanced Independent Study in Communication (1-3 semester credit hours)Advanced independent study under a faculty member's direction. Signature of instructor and Associate Dean on proposed project outline required. May be repeated for credit (9 semester credit hours maximum). Prerequisites: Upper-division standing and instructor consent required. ([1-3]-0) R