Full-time Faculty in Communications

Last, First Email Office Phone Area of Specialization
Baker, Barbara
Senior Lecturer
[email protected] JO 5.207 972-883-5103 Communication Studies; Film Studies; Rhetoric; Women's Studies
Baynham, Karen
Senior Lecturer and Basic Course Director
[email protected] JO 4.602B 972-883-2978 Communication, Public Adminstration, and Management
Glauser, Janece
Senior Lecturer
[email protected] JO 3.506
Gooch, John
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies / Associate Professor
[email protected] JO 4.510 972-883-2756 rhetorical criticism, history and theory of rhetoric, legal rhetoric, presidential rhetoric, writing and communication pedagogy, public and professional speaking, public address, professional communication, crisis communication, communication and leadership
Hernandez-Katz, Melissa
Senior Lecturer
m[email protected] JO 3.544 972-883-6672 Leadership, culture, and higher education and how communications plays a factor in all of these areas.
King, Carie
Clinical Professor, Associate Director of Rhetoric
[email protected] JO 3.548 972-883-2790 rhetoric, research methods, ethics, medical rhetoric, health and medical communication, professional communication, technical writing and editing, digital content design
Lane, Shelley
Associate Professor of Communication
[email protected] FO 2.710E 972-883-2028 Interpersonal and intercultural communication, the communication of civility, communication education
Lingo, Kathy
Clinical Associate Professor
[email protected] JO 5.204 972-883-4152 Improvisation, Acting, Directing, Public Speaking, Club Improv Sponsor
Schlobohm, Maribeth
Clinical Professor
[email protected] JO 3.546 972-883-2175 Communication, Mediation, and Cyberlaw (Intellectual Property, Privacy, and eCommerce)
Templeton, Allison
Senior Lecturer
[email protected] JO 5.110 972-883-6053 Speech Communication, Technology in Communication Studies, Interpersonal Communication

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