Graduate Study in Visual and Performing Arts

The School of Arts and Humanities offers degrees for students interested in pursuing graduate work in art history, film studies, music, theatre and the visual arts.

The MA and PhD in Visual and Performing Arts are designed for students interested in studying the arts, their interactions, and their connections to literature, history and philosophy. Students can enroll in workshop-based courses as well as courses focused on the aesthetics, history and theory of the arts. Many faculty members are engaged in the creation and performance of artistic works.

Active involvement in the process of creation and performance is basic to the design of the Visual and Performing Arts area of study. We recommend that students with a major area of study in Visual and Performing Arts take at least one ensemble/workshop. Students pursuing the research MA or the PhD in Visual and Performing Arts may submit a creative project as a final project.

In both of these degrees, students consult with an assigned faculty advisor to fashion an individual program designed to offer both breadth and depth of study.


In addition to those forms of financial aid coordinated by the University’s Office of Financial Aid, the School of Arts and Humanities offers supplemental support to graduate students through the awarding of teaching assistantships and grants from the Armstrong Fellowship Program. Students enrolled in all of the School's graduate programs are eligible to apply for these forms of aid.

MA students awarded teaching assistantships are eligible for support through four semesters of graduate study; PhD students are eligible for ten semesters (including any semesters as an MA student) provided they do not exceed 99 hours of doctoral credit.

The TA Application must be filled out and submitted to the Arts and Humanities Office (Jonsson 4.510) in February of each year. Offers for the next academic year will be made in April.


Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
John Gooch
JO 4.510A