Advanced Orchestra/Chamber Music Ensemble
(Musica Nova)

Excerpts from Autumn by Piazzolla and Ursa by Rodríguez, with Daniel Nix, Contrabass, Guest Artist.

Undergraduate students can enroll in Advanced Orchestra/Chamber Music Ensemble (MUSI 3112 in the Fall or MUSI 4112 in the Spring) and graduate students can enroll in Advanced Orchestra/Chamber Music Ensemble (HUAS 6333) to perform music written for small and larger ensembles, plus multi-media and theater works, of all periods. Admission is by permission of the instructor. Instrumentalists (string, woodwind, brass, piano, guitar, and percussion), singers, composers, actors, dancers and/or video artists may arrange auditions by calling Robert Xavier Rodríguez at 972-883-2766 or 972-238-8703; [email protected].

Enrolled students join professional musicians in performing on UT Dallas' Musica Nova concert series. Musica Nova guest artists have included members of the Dallas Symphony and Dallas Opera Orchestra and singers from the New York City Opera and Metropolitan Opera. Music for past concerts has ranged from Medieval and Renaissance dances and motets to standard repertoire to experimental new works written for and/or developed by the ensemble. Concerts have included an evening of jigs, an evening of tangos, French cabaret and mariachi songs, chamber opera, ballet and a fully-staged commedia dell'arte pantomime.