Guitar Studies/Degrees in Arts and Performance

Eddie Healy and Enric Madriguera
The Guitar Studies Program offers students many opportunities to perform and study by offering both ensemble and solo playing opportunities. MUSI 2315 Guitar I is suitable for beginners on the guitar or in music and also offers instruction for more advanced players who would like to learn to read music for guitar, and improve their basic technique. MUSI 3380 Guitar II - Guitar Ensemble and advanced guitar courses offer the student the ability to grow further in guitar studies. Please note: a classical guitar which combines nylon with wire wrapped bass strings is recommended for this class. The Guitar Studies Program has guitars suitable for use in class available for loan to qualified students. Please check with your instructor about borrowing guitars. You must be enrolled in a class to borrow a guitar.

MUSI 3322 Guitar Literature is a history course, which features an audio visual history of the guitar and related instruments. No pre-requisite playing experience or guitar study is required to take this course.

The Guitar Studies Program also offers graduate level courses and opportunities for performance through the M.A. in Aesthetic Studies/Performance. The School of Arts and Humanities sponsors many interesting and exciting activities to complement the Guitar Studies Program such as the Guitar Concert Series and the Texas Guitar Competition and Festival. These on-campus activities afford the students and the community professional level concerts and master classes with guest artists of international stature.

If you have questions about the guitar program, please check with Enric Madriguera, Head of Guitar Studies at [email protected] or 972-883-2786.

Proceeds from the sale of Enric Madriguera's new CD "Remembranzas de mi Guitarra" (available to order here) will flow into the Sabine Scholarship Fund.