BA in Visual and Performing Arts - Music Concentration
Degree Plan

Note: For transfer students, UT Dallas will accept and apply credit earned through completing the courses in the THECB-approved Lower-Division Field of Study Curriculum (effective Fall 2018) in Music, and will substitute those courses for lower-division requirements in the music concentration at UT Dallas. Students intending to minor in music can receive credit through transfer for the two lower-division courses required to complete the minor. Upper division requirements may not be fulfilled by lower-division course work. For transfer students who began college prior to Fall 2018: THECB-approved Lower-Division Field of Study Curriculum (expires Summer 2018) in Music.

Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts with Music Concentration

Students are urged to consult the detailed Course Descriptions for detailed descriptions of each course.

Major Requirements: 62 semester credit hours beyond Core Curriculum

Music Theory Series (4 semesters)
MUSI 2328 Music Theory I (may receive AP credit)
MUSI 2329 Music Theory II
MUSI 2330 Music Theory III
MUSI 3328 Advanced Theory and Keyboard and Skills

Music History/Literature (2 semesters)
MUSI 2322 Music in Western Civilization (also fulfills CORE Fine Arts requirement)
MUSI 3330 Muisc Literature: Romantic to Modern

Applied Music (8 semesters)
Instruction in primary instrument or voice (4 semesters at lower-level = 4 credit hours)
Instruction in primary instrument or voice (4 semesters at upper-level = 8 credit hours)

Ensembles (8 semesters)
MUSI ensemble participation. Placement by audition.

Music Electives (15 semester credit hours)
Choose from a variety of upper-level MUSI courses (5 courses = 15 semester credit hours)

Visual and Performing Art Requirements (9 semester credit hours)
ARHM 3342 Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts
AP 3340 Writing in the Arts
AP 3300 Elements of Art and Performance

Free Electives (16 semester credit hours)
Both upper- and lower-division courses may be used as electives, but students must complete at least 51 semester credit hours of upper-division courses to qualify for graduation. Students are encouraged to enroll in lower-level courses in other performance areas, such as dance and theatre.
Incoming freshmen must enroll and complete requirements of ARHM 1100.1

MUSI 4390 Senior Project