Minor in Music

The Music Minor adds an artistic enhancement to a degree in business or the sciences at UT Dallas. The requirements for the Minor (18 hrs.) are a combination of music theory, music history, music training (instrumental or vocal) and performance in student recitals and/or ensembles. Your academic advisor will help you add a minor to your degree plan.

For Fall 2018, the Music Minor has new and exciting changes! Take a look at the exclusive preview below...

Minor in Music: 18 semester credit hours

Required Lower-Division courses: 6 semester credit hours
MUSI 2322 Music in Western Civilization
MUSI 2328 Music Theory I

Required Upper-Division courses: 12 semester credit hours total
Required Music Performance and/or Ensemble courses: 6 semester credit hours
Choose from the following:
MUSI 3112 Advanced Orchestra/Chamber Music Ensemble I
MUSI 3116 Guitar Ensemble II
MUSI 3118 String Orchestra
MUSI 3120 Wind Ensemble II
MUSI 3229 Upper-Division Applied Music
MUSI 3380 Guitar II
MUSI 3181 Instrumental Ensemble II
MUSI 3185 Chamber Singers I
MUSI 3382 Vocal Instruction II
MUSI 3384 Best of Broadway
MUSI 3186 Jazz Ensemble II
MUSI 3387 Keyboard Skills for Contemporary Music
MUSI 3388 Piano II
MUSI 4112 Advanced Orchestra/Chamber Music Ensemble II
MUSI 4116 Guitar Ensemble III
MUSI 4118 String Orchestra III
MUSI 4120 Wind Ensemble III
MUSI 4145 Music Performance III
MUSI 4146 Instrumental Ensemble III
MUSI 4147 Vocal Ensemble III
MUSI 4185 Chamber Singers II
MUSI 4186 Jazz Ensemble III
MUSI 4V12 Chamber Music
MUSI 4V13 Chamber Music II
MUSI 4V61 Individual Instruction in Vocal Performance
MUSI 4V71 Independent Study in Music

Required Upper-Division Music History and Music Theory Courses: 6 semester credit hours
Choose from the following:
MUSI 3322 Music in Historical Context
MUSI 3324 Jazz History: Roots to Swing
MUSI 3325 Jazz History: Modern Jazz since BeBop
MUSI 3327 Music in Modern Culture
MUSI 3328 Advanced Theory and Keyboard Skills
MUSI 3330 Music Literature: Romantic to Modern
MUSI 3342 Advanced Topics in Music
MUSI 3389 Digital Music II
MUSI 4348 Creating Music