Vocal Music

"Can Music Make You Smarter?" with Kathryn Evans

Vocal instruction courses are available at several levels for students in all majors. For the student with no prior experience, Vocal Instruction I (MUSI 2325) offers a beginning level introduction to the rudiments of singing techniques. There is no audition for this course. Students may progress into Vocal Instruction II (MUSI 3382) with the instructor's permission. For more information, contact Nili Riemer Bueckert. More advanced students may enroll in Vocal Instruction III (MUSI 4322) or Individual Instruction in Vocal Performance (MUSI 4v61) with instructor's permission. For more information, contact Kathryn Evans.

Students in the Music Concentration take Applied Music: Voice (MUSI 2129/3229) and receive a weekly private lesson. They must be concurrently enrolled in at least one ensemble. Students in the Music Minor may audition for Applied Music and may enroll with permission of the Associate Dean for the Arts. For more information, contact Mary Medrick, Director of Music.

All voice students are encouraged to take Music Theory I and II (MUSI 2328/2329) and Music in Western Civilization (MUSI 2322) to broaden their skills and understanding of music.