Immerse yourself in the innovative photography, video, digital arts program in the School of Arts and Humanities at The University of Texas at Dallas, which provides an interdisciplinary context for the study of the visual arts. The School of Arts and Humanities offers options for the study of photography, video, and digital art, whether students are seeking a BA, a Minor or Visual Arts Electives.

Develop your creative potential through the innovative Photo-Video-Digital concentration in Visual and Performing Arts. Expand your talent and technical expertise in fine art photography. Enhance your awareness of current issues in contemporary art. Engage in creative activity and critical reflection. Explore the potential of a studio art environment located within a larger arts and humanities community.

Degree Options

  • B.A. in Visual and Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts Minor
  • M.A. and Ph.D. in Humanities (Visual and Performing Arts)

BA in Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) with a Concentration in Photo-Video-Digital

This option allows students to investigate the linkages among the visual arts such as photography, video and digital art, while interacting with students enrolled in related arts areas such as drawing, painting, and sculpture, and disciplines like theatre, dance, music, art history, and film studies. The Photo-Video-Digital Concentration focuses on the theories, concepts and skills of creative work generated using digital and lens-based technologies, specifically photography, video, and digital art. Students will learn traditional and innovative techniques as well as acquire a broad base of knowledge in art practice and history.

A variety of courses are offered from the introductory level in Design, Mobile Photography, and Digital Art, to the intermediate level in areas such as Color Concepts, Altered Image, New Media, Experimental Darkroom, Camera/Darkroom, Time-Based Art, and Video Painting. Upper level courses include Image/Text, Advanced Visual Arts, and Advanced Photography, involving studio lighting and portfolio development. Courses that encourage students to consider opportunities beyond the field include Contemporary Art Practices and Business of the Arts. Students also choose from topics in the history of photography, film studies, and modern and contemporary art history. Students who pursue the Photo-Video-Digital Concentration exhibit their creative work in the context of a culminating capstone exhibition during their senior year.

Visual Arts Minor (VPA) with a photography, video, digital art emphasis

The Visual Arts Minor provides students with a range of choices among the courses at UT Dallas. One lower-division, introductory level, studio art course is required. Students then complete one art history or film studies course and four 3000 level or 4000 level studio art classes that may include photography, video, or digital art.

Graduate Studies in Humanities (Visual and Performing Arts)

Graduate Programs in the Humanities (MA, PhD) foster integrated study and practice of the arts, literature, history and philosophy. Photography, video, and digital art may represent an emphasis within the Visual and Performing Arts track. See the Master of Arts or the Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities (Visual and Performing Arts) for more information. Course offerings include not only seminars stressing the interpretation and criticism of specific works and issues, but also ensembles, studios, and workshops in which the activity of creation and/or performance becomes the primary means of learning. Graduate students pursue the Creative Masters or the Creative Dissertation, combining theory and practice.

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