Visual Arts

Immerse yourself in the innovative Visual and Performing Arts program within the School of Arts and Humanities at The University of Texas at Dallas, which offers an unique interdisciplinary context for the study of the visual arts. 

Investigate the linkages between the visual and performing arts as well as connections to art and technology. Engage in creative activity and critical reflection.

Participate in visual art courses in all areas of the visual arts (see below), while interacting with students seeking degrees in related arts disciplines like theater, dance, creative writing, music, art history, film studies and new media. Explore the potential of a studio art environment located within an arts and humanities community, with ready access to Dallas/Fort Worth arts museums and galleries. Whether you major or minor in the Visual Arts, or wish to take an elective course, we offer a full range of courses.

Take courses in the following areas:

Visual Art at UT Dallas School of Arts and Humanities