Procedure for HUMA Doctoral Qualifying Examination

Effective Fall 2015 we are instituting a qualifying examination early in doctoral study as a way of ensuring timely progress toward the doctoral degree. Students take the qualifying examination in the middle of the semester in which they will complete their first 18 hours of doctoral coursework applicable to the degree plan.


The examination is composed of two parts:

PART I: Compile an annotated bibliography of ten to twenty items on a topic from the list supplied by the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. Your bibliography must be substantially free of typographical and mechanical errors and should follow the guidelines set by a major bibliographic research guide; your bibliography must identify the guide used.

PART II: In a short essay, explain two concepts separately (1250 words each, not including bibliography) from the list supplied by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. Your essay should be substantially free of grammatical and mechanical errors, and any citations should follow the guidelines set by a major research guide, which should be identified at the end of your essay.

Students will have three business days to complete both parts of the exam and return it to the Graduate Coordinator. Student may begin the examination at 10:00 am on Monday or Tuesday only. All examinations will be submitted to

Completed exams will be evaluated independently on a pass/fail basis by two faculty members. In the event that the evaluations do not concur, the exam will go to a third faculty member for a decision. At the discretion of the evaluators, student may be permitted to take all or part of the examination a second time. A third attempt is not allowed.