Graduate Studies

The School of Arts and Humanities is committed to interdisciplinary graduate programs that investigate the linkages between the arts and the humanities by fusing critical with creative thinking, theoretical with practical endeavors. Rather than identifying fixed disciplinary areas, the program emphasizes the interrelationship of broad areas of interest.

All our graduate programs are designed to provide students a flexible, interdisciplinary context within which to pursue a program of study built on connections among specific courses and areas of concentration. Within the specific degree plans, each student plans a program of studies in consultation with an assigned advisor.

The Graduate Program in Art History (MA) introduces students to a global history of art through close engagement with artworks held in Dallas-Fort Worth collections.

The Graduate Program in History (MA) fosters advanced understanding of the processes by which interpretations of the past are made, disseminated and evaluated.

The Graduate Programs in Humanities (MA, PhD) foster integrated study and practice of the arts, literature, history and philosophy.

  • MA degrees offered:
    • Master of Arts in Humanities
    • Master of Arts in History of Ideas
    • Master of Arts in Literature
    • Master of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts
  • PhD degrees offered:
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities
    • Doctor of Philosophy in History of Ideas
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Literature
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Visual and Performing Arts

The Graduate Program in Latin American Studies (MA) connects literary, historical, cultural, and visual studies and allows students to acquire expertise in multiple aspects of Latin America.

Since the School combines the humanities and the arts, many faculty members are engaged in the creation and performance of artistic works in creative writing and the visual and performing arts. In addition, five centers and institutes affiliated with the School promote interdisciplinary research:

The graduate programs in the School of Arts and Humanities share several features: a high level of engagement between faculty and students; a campus environment that fosters a community of scholars; financial support that allows concentration on academics; and demonstrated success in educating graduates for careers in academia as well as the non-profit and corporate sectors.

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If you have questions about the programs in History, Humanities, or Latin American Studies contact Pia Jakobsson at  [email protected].